Zeus TV Box is the Ultimate Entertainment and Gaming System!

Unlimited Free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Sports and More!

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Unlimited Streaming Movies

Any Movie You Want. Anytime You Want!-----
More movies than Netflix, Redbox, HBO, Showtime and Starz put together!

With Zeus TV Box you can instantly stream your favorite movies in HD quality for free! No more buying or renting DVD/Blu-Rays. No more pay-per-view rentals. No more waiting for a movie to come out on Netflix, On-Demand or Cable. Simply open up your favorite Zeus TV App or add-on, search for any movie you want and start watching instantly.

There is no limit to how many movies you watch. And you will find just about any movie ever made. Anything you can think of. From classic movies from the past to new movies that are currently in theaters. And some movies are available before they even reach theaters! They are all available for free with Zeus TV Box!.


TV Shows | Series | Full Seasons

Full Seasons of Your Favorite TV Shows!-----
Every episode. Every Show. In Full HD!

Instantly stream your favorite TV shows in full HD quality. All of your favorite TV shows from classic black and white era shows to the most popular shows on TV today. Binge watch full seasons. Watch every episode of every show ever made.

You can even watch the latest episodes of shows on subscription services like Showtime, HBO and Netflix the same day they air on TV! No more paying for Premium Cable Channels just to watch one show. No more paying subscription services every month just to see one series. And no more DVR charges on your cable bill to record the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Just search the show you want to watch, choose the latest episode or season and watch as much as you want!


Live Streaming TV Channels

Live Broadcast Channels. Live Cable Channels. Live News.-----
All of your favorite broadcast, cable and news channels!

Zeus TV Box has several apps and add-ons for watching live television. Many of the most popular network, broadcast, news and paid channels can be streamed live in High-Definition without a subscription, cable package or any access fees. Watch live news from your favorite networks like CNN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, MSNBC and more. Even international news stations and networks.

Want to watch your favorite TV show live or even before it airs in your area? No problem. Find your channel and stream it live in HD. See your favorite shows hours before your friends see it on tv. In addition to all of the most popular US Networks, Zeus TV Box has live streams from the UK, Mexico and many other countries worldwide. Including channels like History, H2, FX, Nat Geo, USA, A&E, TNT, TBS, WWE Network, Fox, CBS, The CW, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports and hundreds more!


Live Sports Streams

Every Game. Every Sport. Worldwide!-----
NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, Boxing, WWE and more!

With Zeus TV you can watch every single game from every sport... Live! No more blackouts. No missing your favorite teams' games because they are not shown in your area or you don't subscribe to an expensive sports package. Watch every single game all season long. Even international sports, college sports and live sporting events such as HBO and Showtime boxing.

And Zeus TV doesn't just let you watch every game. You can also watch live sports channels from all over the world in full 1080p High-Definition. Some of the channels that can be found with Zeus TV Box are: Fox Sports(FS1), Fox Sports 2(FS2), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, Astro Sports, NBC Sports, Sky Sports, BEIN Sports, BT Sports and many more!


Live Free Pay-Per-View Events

Live PPV Boxing, UFC, WWE, More!-----
Watch every fight and PPV sporting event for free!

Zeus TV Box doesn't just give you access to broadcast sports. With Zeus TV Box you can watch every PPV Sporting Event for FREE! That's right, you can watch live UFC Fights, PPV Boxing Events and WWE Pay-Per-View events like WrestleMania absolutely free! Watch one fight and your Zeus TV Box has already paid for itself!

Pay-Per-View events are not just limited to Boxing, UFC and Wrestling either. You can watch any event that is live on Pay-Per-View or On-Demand. Never pay to watch another fight again. Stream it live for free with Zeus TV Box!


Kids TV Shows | Movies | Cartoons

Every Children's Show, Cartoon and Movie Ever Made!-----
Watch full seasons of every Kid's Show ever made!

Zeus TV Box for Kids is one of the best features we offer! Your child can watch every episode of just about every cartoon or kid's show ever made. Even the latest episodes of shows that are currently on the Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS, etc...

Zeus TV Box connects children to movies, TV shows, live TV, educational content and much more. Your kids can now watch all of their favorite shows and movies instantly. Every Disney movie from the 1930's to the present day is available. Even the latest movies in theaters! Zeus TV Box for Kids can also be downloaded free to our subscribers for their kids tablets and phones.


International and Spanish Programming

Watch Content from Every Country in the World!
Mexico, Spain, France, India, Pakistan and Many More!

Zeus TV Box has movies, tv shows and live tv channels from countries all over the world. Including thousands of current tv shows and movies with subtitles. Watch live tv, sports and movies in every language!


Adult XXX Content

Free XXX Videos, Movies and Cams!-----
Full screen, full length XXX movies, videos and live channels!

Zeus TV Box's XXX section gives you free access to unlimited porn. Not just short clips and scenes, but full length movies! Stream thousands of free XXX movies and never worry about computer pop-ups, deleting browser history or computer viruses. Watch all of the porn you want absolutely free. No subscriptions!

Zeus TV Box doesn't just give you access to XXX videos and movies... You can also watch live cams and stream live Adult Channels such as Brazzers Network, Passion XXX, Playboy and much more in full HD on your TV screen! And Zeus TV also has exclusive XXX content and streams that you won't find anywhere else. New channels and live streams added daily!


Retro Gaming Player

Play video games from your favorite old school gaming systems!

Zeus TV Box is the only system available that offers retro gaming. In additional to games like Candy Crush and your favorite Android games, Zeus TV Box gives you the ability to play video games from your favorite old school systems.

Zeus TV Box lets you play games from systems such as Nintendo Entertainment System(NES), Super Nintendo(SNES), Nintendo 64(N64), Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Atari Jaguar, Playstation 1, Playstation Portable(PSP) and origninal Arcade Games

Plug in your Zeus TV box and instantly start playing classic Games like Super Mario Bros., Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Tetris and Mike Tyson's Punchout!


All This and Much More!

Automatic Updates! Free Support!
Add-ons and apps on ZeusTV update automatically. And major updates can be downloaded with just one click. You will never have to reprogram or send your device back for updates. Even if you somehow deleted the program or lost your device, ZeusTV can be set up again in just a few easy steps. Have a question or need help? We respond to all emails and phone calls and will do everything we can to help you.

Multiple Profiles.

Zeus TV Box comes with two versions pre-installed. One version for the family. And a locked profile with Adult Content that is password protected so you dont have to worry about anyone accidentally seeing anything they shouldn't.

App Downloads!

Unlike other systems that give you just what comes in the original box, our team is always watching for new streaming and gaming apps to make your experience even better. When a new app is found that we think our customers would like we make the app available for download on our website and directly from our devices!